Frequently Asked Questions

How can I commission a drawing?
For all the information on the type of commissions I offer and prices, please consult the ‘RPG Character Commissions’ and ‘Portrait Commissions’ pages on this website (accessible through the main menu).
If you’re not after a portrait or RPG character art and are looking to commission something else, you can just email me with the details at

What other types of drawings do you do?
In the past I’ve done illustrations for websites, online publications and logo designs. I’ll pretty much have a go at anything except for gore and NSFW content.

I purchased a product but something went wrong and I’ve lost the download link! What do I do?
If you’ve purchased something from the store I’ll have an email confirmation of your payment. Email me at the aforementioned address to let me know what happened and if necessary I can provide you with a new download link or the files directly.

How do you accept payment?
At the moment, just through Paypal (both on the store and for commissions). However, I’m hoping to have an additional option for card payments up on the store soon.

Do you have a question not listed here? Feel free to get in touch using the form on the ‘Contact’ or by just dropping me an email to the address mentioned above!