RPG Holiday Cards 2018

RPG Holiday Cards 2018


Roll for merriment and celebrate the festive season with this set of 6, traditionally hand drawn and coloured RPG-inspired holiday greeting cards!

The set includes vertical and horizontal designs, in both A4 and US Letter format, in a printable PDF.

Designs include:
- ”The Ghosts of Adventurers Past”: what happens when a dragon is too greedy for their own good?
- ”A Cracking Solution to a Critical Problem”: for the person in your party who rolls nothing but natural ones.
- ”An Unclear and Dangerous Present”: these Kobolds weren’t expecting this surprise!
- ”Festive Feast”: there’s nothing like a holiday meal at the tavern to bring everyone together!
- ”Ragnar the Red-nosed Frost Giant”: ‘tis the season of goodwill, and everyone is invited to the halflings’ party… even giants!
- ”Crystalhand Frostweaver”: with her troupe of snow-dwarves, Crystalhand makes winter all the more magical.

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