Race Variant Character Sheet Booklets Set (Core Races)

Race Variant Character Sheet Booklets Set (Core Races)


The complete set of core race variants of the 5th edition Character Sheet Booklet, including:

- Dragonborn,
- Dwarf,
- Elf / Half-Elf,
- Gnome,
- Halfling,
- Orc / Half-Orc,
- Tiefling
and Classic (Human)

A set of printable and easy to use hand-drawn booklets, with sections for all the information you need for your 5th edition fantasy rpg character!

These simple, small character booklets are perfect for new players or one-shot adventures.

The product is a printable pdf file (A4 and US Letter format), which also contains instructions for assembly as well as an extra template for each booklet, with a blank spell list page for you to fill in with extra character info if your character is not a spell-caster.

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