5E Magic Item Card & Adventure Pack (Temple Set)

5E Magic Item Card & Adventure Pack (Temple Set)


The travelling merchant and ex-adventurer Maggie ‘Magpie’ Angerfang has commissioned the artist Penflower to illustrate her latest catalogue of rare, enchanted items (as well as some extra goodies)!

This completely traditionally hand-illustrated pack includes:
- 20 printable, homebrew 5th edition compatible magic item cards (in both colour and black & white), which include lore and mechanics for use in play,
- Blank item cards for you to fill in and illustrate with your own creations,
- Group portraits of two adventuring parties,
- A dungeon map of the Temple of the Obsidian Maw,
- A description of the dungeon as an adventure for players of levels 5 to 6,

…All in one PDF file (includes both A4 and US Letter formats)!

- Temple of the Obsidian Maw -
Lead your players into a ghoul-infested underground temple, littered with the corpses of its former worshippers, the Order of the Obisidian Maw, as well as fallen adventurers who came before. They will follow a trail of murder and madness all the way to the Maw itself, home of the Pit Dweller, who forbids its worshippers to use their sight in exchange for magical clairvoyance.
In a temple of the wilfully blind, did someone see something they were not supposed to… something that would drive them to kill?

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