Atoymaton (Homebrew 5E Compatible Race)

Atoymaton (Homebrew 5E Compatible Race)


The Atoymaton is Penflower Ink’s first 5th Edition Compatible Homebrew race!
Born from the minds of brilliant and competitive tinkerers and artificiers, Atoymatons are living clockwork toys that come in a variety of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes. Be they a Classic Coglocket companion, a hulking Kinderguardian, a lightweight Knickknack or a malfunctioning ‘off-brand’, Atoymatons are designed to entertain, but are capable of so much more!

This pack is a traditionally hand-drawn and illustrated, printable PDF (both A4 and US Letter format), that includes:
- Lore and history of the Atoymaton
- Racial traits and features
- Variant models (sub-races)
- Roll tables for special features and faults (as well as personality traits, ideals, bonds and flaws)
- Sample characters (Standard Atoymaton, Kinderguardian, Knickknack and off-brand)
- Character sheets for sample characters (both filled in and blank)

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