5E Magic Item Card & Adventure Pack (House Set)

5E Magic Item Card & Adventure Pack (House Set)


The travelling merchant and ex-adventurer Maggie ‘Magpie’ Angerfang has once again commissioned the artist Penflower to illustrate her latest catalogue of rare, enchanted items (as well as some extra goodies)!

This completely traditionally hand-illustrated pack includes:
- 20 printable, homebrew 5th edition compatible magic item cards (in both colour and black & white), which include lore and mechanics for use in play,
- Blank item cards for you to fill in and illustrate with your own creations,
- Group portraits of two adventuring parties,
- A dungeon map of Mormaggon House,
- And a description of the House as an adventure for players of levels 5 to 6,

…All in one PDF file (includes US Letter format for map and cards)!

- Mormaggon House -
Rumours are circulating that a priceless magical artefact is hidden within the walls of Mormaggon House. The Mormaggons - a wealthy dwarf family - are said to have all murdered each other over this treasure, and now haunt their former abode as tormented spirits. Lead your players on a treasure hunt from hell, from one deadly room to another. Such perils must surely be the work of the ghostly Mormaggons… or is there something even more sinister afoot?

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